Why Visit the Philippines? Everything to Know About this Tropical Paradise

Thailand might be popular for its fine sand beaches and Indonesia for its stunning natural attractions. But what if there’s a place which has both of those characteristics, or even more? Well, that place is called the Philippines.

A Southeast Asian country made of 7,107 islands and filled with breathtaking beaches, untouched wilderness, beautiful people, and a rich culture and history, there’s no doubt you’ll have your feel of “tropical madness” in this awesome paradise!

Feel curious? Read on!

Beach Paradises are Everywhere

Pristine turquoise-blue waters that wash ashore its long stretches of fine white sand beaches might be the words spoken by poets and marketers. But trust us, these are what you’ll see when you visit the Philippines. From Puerto Galera to Boracay, and even to Palawan, there’s no shortage of beach paradises in this archipelago.

It isn’t that hard to understand why the Philippines is ranked as the 5th happiest country in the world. Living in a country that’s teeming with fantasy-like places like this would surely make it easy for you to smile 24/7. And don’t think that it’s overly-secluded as there are many 5-star hotel resorts you’ll find! Talk about spending a holiday with style, eh?

Trek Into the Heart of Volcanoes

But the Philippines isn’t just a beach paradise. It’s also where adrenaline junkies and nature lovers can go to, knowing that it’s home to some of the most picturesque volcanoes in the world.

When in the country, start at the northern part of the Philippines and visit Mt. Mayon in Albay. You won’t believe your eyes with its perfect cone-shape form. Then head down south to the active Taal Volcano.

Ride a horse around the volcano’s mouth while looking at the Taal Lake from afar. Once you’re through with sight-seeing, it’s now time for you to take on a more action-packed trip. Ride a 4×4 car and blast your way to Mt. Pinatubo Zambales!

A Haven for Breathtaking Natural Formations

From towering mountains to jaw-dropping caves, the Philippines won’t surely run out of cool places to go to. The Sumaguing Cave is a popular go-to-destination for those who want to go into cave trekking. Oh, and yes, don’t be scared if you’ll see hanging coffins. It’s the locals’ tradition!

Once you’ve got your bearings straight, go to Palawan’s underground subterranean river and the “Game-of-Throne-ish” Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. Or perhaps to San Pablo, Laguna where you’ll find seven impressive-looking lakes.

The Perfect Place for Adrenaline Junkies

Are you the kind of person who’s more into thrilling activities? Then worry not, because the Philippines won’t run out of cool things for you. Go on a mountain climbing trip with your buddies at Mt. Pulag or Mt. Dulang-Dulang. It’s where you’ll experience the real tropical rainforest.

Also, head to Davao where you’ll find the 2,945-high Mt. Apo. It’s the country’s highest peak. If you’re through with getting mud on your feet, make your way to Oslob, Cebu and dive together with the whale sharks. Don’t worry; they won’t bite!

Live Like a King

Spending a vacation at the Philippines lets you experience what it feels like to be a king or a queen. Why? It’s because the country is insanely cheap! You can eat a sumptuous meal for just $1 or even stay at a luxury hotel for as low as $60 per night!

If you’re used to traveling around the US or in Europe, then the Philippines would surely be a game-changer for you. Plus you’ll find friendly people anywhere, who are more than welcome to let you enter their humble abodes. Yes, that’s how warm these people are.

If you’d like to experience paradise and bask in this tropical haven’s natural splendor, then book a flight to the Philippines ASAP. Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines are some of the best airlines in the country. You’ll surely see how beautiful life is once you’ve set foot in this dream-like nirvana-kind-of-place — called the Philippines.

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