Why Visit Jackson Hole? Everything you Need to Know About this Winter Wonderland

When the cold weather arrives this winter, you have three choices: either stay at home,go on a holidayto a warmer environment or head to the mountains. Millions head south to the Caribbean to lounge on the beach in the hot sun. For something different, why not get out the skis and snowboards and holiday ata mountain resort such as Jackson Hole in the northwest corner of Wyoming?You can rent Jackson Hole cabins, enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe fresh air. Here are a few reasons why you shouldtake a winter vacation at this mountain resort.

Awesome Skiing

There are three ski resorts in Jackson Hole with slopes ranging fromgentleto one of the hardest runs in the world. The resort covers 5,500 acres and gets fresh powder on an almost daily basis. Jackson Hole Mountain rates as one of the best skiing areas in North America. People of all abilities are welcome and will find something to meet their level of skill. Ski schools can teach you the basics or serve as a refresher course before you hit the slopes. Bring your children for lessons too.

Peace and Quiet

If you want a peaceful getaway to escape the noise and stress of home, Jackson Hole makes a perfect destination. Despite ranking as a world-class ski resort, more tourists visit during the summer. This means the winters tend to be quieter and you could be relaxing in a winter wonderland without the stress of traffic and other tourists. Hotel and cabin prices are slightly lower too. What could be better than waking up to complete silence and seeing a blanket of white snow covering the landscape surrounded by mountains?

The Jackson Wildlife Safari

Safaris aren’t just in Africa. The Jackson Wildlife Safari lasts three hours and takes you to see a range of animals including wolves, deer and moose. Safaris begin in the National Elk Refuge where visitors travel through the fields in a sleigh. Expect to see lots of animals and to have the time of your life. This is a particularly fun activity to do with the family.

Dog Sledding

Have you ever wanted to be pulled on a sleigh through the snowy fields by a pack of dogs? It’s a magical experience and gives you the sense of being in a faraway land. Few resorts in the United States offer this kind of tour making Jackson Hole somewhat unique. Visitors can choose between full and half day tours. You’ll go out with a guide through the valleys and Granite Canyon, which ends at Granite Hot Springs. The hot springs are a perfect way to warm up after a day sledding through the snow. And if that’s not enough, guides will allow you to mush the dogs for part of the journey. Another great experience for the family.

Close to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is a busy destination in the summer with tourists from around the United States visiting the canyons, springs, geysers and hiking. But, when the winter comes,and snow starts to fall, accessibility reduces.Few visit. After all, how can you get there when the roads are full of snow and the temperature doesn’t rise above freezing? Here’s the good news:You can take a tour of Old Faithful, a town in Yellow Stone National Park, from Jackson Hole by snowmobile. Seeing and experiencing the pristine beauty in the midst of winter is unforgettable.


Hiking in several feet of snow isn’t the easiest way to get around. In fact, most people hate trying to walk in deep snow and find it tiring, cumbersome and time-consuming. But, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get out into the mountains and see the winter wonderland. Snowshoeing is the best way to go hiking in the snow for two reasons. First it’s fun,andsecond, you can get through even the thickest sections without much difficulty. Put on the shoes and use poles to guide yourself over the terrain. No prior experience is necessary to have a good time. And this gives you a chance to get away from the ski lifts and see the wildlife in their natural habitat.


You may find it hard to believe that a mountain resort would have a high level of culture and art. The National Museum of Wildlife Art, near the National Elk Refuge, has a selection of art that depicts the history of wildlife in the region. A collection of paintings from around both the United States and Europe are some of the museum’s highlights. Jackson Hole has plenty of other art galleries too, which makes a perfect way to spend a few hours on a cold afternoon.

The Ariel Tram

Jackson Hole’s Ariel Tram is a gondola that goes to Rendezvous Mountain’s summit at 3185 meters (10,450 feet). Passengers will get excellent views of the Teton Mountains and Teton National Park as well as with Snake River Valley. When you reach the top, grab a drink and a plate of waffles at Corbet’s Cabin to warm up and to savior the views below. Just dress in layers and be prepared for the bitter cold when you reach the top.

Having a Holiday in a Winter Wonderland

Rather than having a beach vacation in the Caribbean, head to Jackson Hole for some fresh air, magnificent landscapes and serenity. You can go skiing on one of the many slopes and take part in a range of activities from dog sledding, riding a snowmobile to Yellowstone National Park and enjoying the view from the Ariel Tram. There’s something to suit everyone in Wyoming’s number one winter wonderland.

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