Travel Addiction: Signs & Symptoms

It may not be well known or easily acquired by most of us, but travel addiction is a real problem for some people.  The wanderlust grabs ahold of some, and before they know it, they have built an unhealthy relationship with travel.  

It is not the most common addiction, but travel addiction can be just as damaging to a person’s life as any other traditional addiction.  If an individual seems to have a little too much interest in traveling, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms of travel addiction.  

Take a moment to read over this short summary, highlighting the tell-tale signs of a terrible travel addiction.  

Travel is a behavioral addiction

There is a distinct difference between a behavioral/psychological addiction and a physiological addiction.  A behavioral addiction is rooted in a person’s psychological wiring.  A physiological addiction is chemically based in the brain.  

Those who are addicted to traveling have a wide array of behavioral addictions that all work together to culminate in an obsession with travel.  Just because behavioral addictions are not physically rooted, that does not mean they cannot cause physical problems or repercussions.  Any addiction can wreck lives.  

Keep traveling despite negative consequences

One of the most common and clear signs of a terrible travel addiction is when a person continues to plan travel excursions even though they have caused several negative consequences in their lives to make their trips possible.  

If an individual is willing to max out all their credit cards and drain their savings account for a few days in Paris, then they have an unhealthy relationship with travel and should seek professional intervention.  

Obsession is a key symptom

One clear symptom of a travel addiction is an obsession with the subject.  When buying a plane ticket gives someone a rush, they may have a problem.  When an individual speaks in terminal abbreviations and airport codes, there may be a problem.  

Obsession constitutes an overindulged interest in travel.  So much so, that it interferes with the daily functions of a person’s life.  

Every trip ends in a terrible crash

Travel junkies may cringe, but we are not alluding to a place crash.  Some people experience an intense depression upon their arrival at home after a big trip.  A travel addict feels this every time they go away and return home.  

The feeling could be likened to that of the crash we feel after consuming copious amounts of sugar.  It is normal to be a little sad when all the fun is over, but this is far more intense.  It is like their best friend died, or a family pet.  


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