Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Dubai 

The city of shopping malls and high rises has transformed from a desert village to a destination where tourists now come for family fun. Famous for its sightseeing attractions and shopping malls, they also have massive aquariums and indoor ski slopes. The city has many things to do and cultural highlights, as well as glamorous modern add-ons. Here are the top-rated tourist attractions in Dubai:

Dubai Desert Safari

Step away from the glittery scene and head to the pristine dunes. The desert safari offers a guaranteed thrill, also accompanied by entertainment, dining, and cultural experiences. Travel in a 4X4 pickup driven by an expert driver who will give you the thrill of dune bashing across the vast desert landscape. Apart from dune bashing, you’ll get a chance to stretch your feet, take in the sunset views and click great pictures too. Head to the desert camp where nature, culture, and Arabian hospitality come together seamlessly. Get a peek into the ancient Bedouin traditions including various activities like henna painting, camel ride, and Shisha smoking. If you’re looking for more desert adventure and fun, add sandboarding and quad biking to your list. 

Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai is the tallest of its kind, soaring at a height of 250 meters. You can catch astonishing views from the observation wheel. It comprises 48 modern viewing cabins, the observation wheel rotates gently, so you can relax in the glass-enclosed, air-conditioned cabin, which is surrounded by astonishing views of the Bluewater Island, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab. Beyond the sightseeing experience, you’ll be offered luxurious dining and recreation facilities. 

Burj Khalifa

Head to the observation deck on the 124th floor using a swift elevator and be treated to astonishing views of the cityscape, desert, and ocean as you look through the transparent windows or use advanced telescopes for stunning views. Alternatively, for more thrill, you can take the open-air terrace for 360-degree vistas. The observation deck on the 125th level offers stunning experiences including – A Falcon’s Eye View. 

Global Village

Experience the largest shopping, entertainment, and leisure attraction in the region. Global Village features about 80 countries’ cultures and cuisine in the massive open-air destination that promises excitement, fun, and adventure. You can watch and enjoy over 40,000 live performances by globally recognized artists. Sections like Carnaval are an absolute treat for families, while those who like heart-racing adventure can head, and watch stunt shows consisting of daring stunts and acrobatic acts. Apart from these rides and shows, there’s also a Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, the first-ever in the region which displays bizarre and eccentric exhibits. 

Atlantis Aquaventure

Atlantis Aquaventure is filled with experiences and attractions ideal for marine enthusiasts, adrenaline seekers, and families. Besides its endless slides, rides, and Shark lagoon experiences, you’ll learn about marine biology and enjoy the top attractions in the resort-like Adventure Beach and Surf’s Up – the ultimate wave ride. You can hop on rides such as Poseidon’s Revenge, Leap of Faith, and Master Blaster water coasters. Be sure to also ride Zoomerango, Aquaconda, and Slitherine, the first dual slide in the world. Splasher, facilitates all ages, has cool games exclusively for kids, climbing structures, and slides. 

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark features some of the fastest and tallest rides in the world. It will provide you with a delightful break from the regular hustles in your life. The highlight of this park is that it’s built on an interesting concept of Arabian folklore, with the central characters being Juha and his friend Sindbad. The park’s attention to detail on the development and character structure has won the World Waterpark Association Industry Innovation Awards for Outstanding Accomplishment Design and Theming. Comprising over 25 rides, a popular one being Master Blaster, Ring Rides allows you to choose from a single or double ring, Jumeirah Sceirah is a free-fall water slide at 33 meters of height. Wipeout and Riptide can produce realistic wave effects and Breakers Bay is the largest in the Middle East. 

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is located inside the Mall of the Emirates and is maintained at below zero degrees temperature throughout the year. It’s the largest of its kind and replicates a hill station that features an indoor mountain, 85 meters high with slopes, ski school, snow park, winter-themed cafes, snow penguins, and many other polar activities. Strap on your ski boots and start sliding or rolling in the snow, or make your snowman in the Ice Cave. There are cool rides like Snow Bullet and 150 meters long zipline. Also, there are trained instructors for those who are beginners. 

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai is the biggest indoor theme park in the world, having a blend of thrilling rides, multiplex cinema, and other highlights. It’s ideal for friends and families. It offers 4 unique zones which are Marvel, Lost Valley, the Cartoon Network, and IMG Boulevard. The Marvel Zone replicates the streets and scenes from New York in Avengers. Lost Valley has 70 animatronic dinosaurs with 5 rides – Adventure Fortress, Predator, Velociraptor, Forbidden Territory, and Dino Carousel. Cartoon Network has various kid zones including LazyTown and Powerpuff Girls. For a spooky thrill, you should head to the Haunted Hotel in IMG Boulevard. 

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is an award winner for its design, which replicates a massive picture frame. It’s made of two vertical towers, 150 meters high and 93 meters wide – linked with a bridge of 100 square meters. The main highlight is the museum and gallery. It’s equipped with very advanced technology with various exhibits including multimedia displays and holographic images, which throw light on the transformation of Dubai from a fishing village to a magnificent global city. It has a glass elevator that swiftly transports you in 75 seconds to the topmost floor, Sky Deck, which invites you to experience the city’s breath-taking views on both sides.  

Dhow Cruise

Absorb the architecture, yachts, and amazing waterfront at the Dubai Marina with a creative dining experience. Head for a 2-hour cruise which is modelled to resemble the Venetian style canal. Take in the magnificent views as you can have a variety of international cuisines as they’re served in a very sophisticated setting exuding traditional charm. To add to the experience, you’ll be entertained by onboard performances. The night ends on the deck with stunning views of a fully lit Dubai.  

Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds gives you the chance to experience meeting your favourite personalities from all areas of fame at seven themed sections, having the most life-like exhibits. The museum is among one of the few locations in the world which features wax depictions of the most popular movie stars of all time, prominent sports personalities, leaders, and icons from the Middle East. All of these wax figures are designed in a very detailed manner by a highly talented team comprising 20 sculptors, which gives it an unbelievably real-life look. 

Jebel Jais Zipline

Take in views of the tallest mountain in the UAE through an exciting ride on the Jebel Jais Flight. It holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest zipline, beating Puerto Rico’s 2,530 long ziplines. It’s lengthier than 28 football pitches put together. The real adventure begins as you step onto the platform which is on a high-altitude point, shaped like a falcon, and has two cable zip lines parallel to each other. There are safety measures instructed by a certified ziplining experts’ team. Once harnessed up, you’ll fly like a superhero, belly down and zip through the aerial views as you soar at around 130kms/hr across the Jebel Jais for over three minutes. 

These are the top tourist attractions you must visit in Dubai. The city won’t fail to amaze you. Whether you would like to head to theme parks or water parks, or admire the views of the city, spend a day in the desert or visit any other attraction, there’s always something spectacular to discover in the city. Hope you are inspired for a perfect Dubai holiday.