Top 7 Backpacking Tips on a Budget

Backpacking is one of the best things an adventurer can do. It gives you a complete freedom to explore and see new places. Visiting Europe and Far East can be especially thrilling as it allows you to see a lot of different cultures in a small area.

Due to the nature of backpacking, you need to put emphasis on budget. In the end, the more money you have, the more you’re going to see.

Here are 7 tricks that will save you a lot of money during the journey.

  1. Sleep out

Hotels and hostels will quickly drain all your money. If you are truly intent on backpacking, you should adapt and carry a tent. This allows you to sleep in the nature and avoid all these costs. Even if you are in a metropolitan area, there will always be some hidden place to crash. Best way to approach this is to travel to suburbs and raise your tent there.

  1. Travel ultralight

Backpackers often believe they have to carry a lot of weight. This is completely untrue. Larger backpack can pose a problem; even danger. It can also lead to back injuries. As they say, less is more so consider going light or ultralight. In most of the cases, your wallet is all you need. When it comes to clothing, you don’t need more than one outfit. Anyway, there are a lot of ways to reduce weight.

  1. Get a train pass

Regions that are highly populated, such as the Europe, have good transport connection. You can visit most of the countries by train. Truth be told, train is also the cheapest option. So, make sure to get a pass that will take you through all these countries. There are probably some cheap offers on the Internet so buy your ticket in advance.

  1. Think of water

Believe it or not, water is one of the biggest expenses while backpacking. Although it is rather cheap in any country, it is something you can get for free. Whenever you can, make sure to resupply on springs or public taps. In big cities, there will be a lot of public places where you can drink for free. If you are in the nature, you can get it from springs and streams. Just make sure to boil or filter it before use.

  1. Buy food in advance

It is best if you carry a lot of dry food in your backpack. Also, whenever you find a cheap, energy rich product, make sure to resupply. Food should be really low on your list of priorities. Yes, there is always an allure of tasting domestic cuisine. But, this costs a lot. Instead, purchase your stuff in big supermarkets.

  1. Never take a cab

Cabs are another expensive luxury. While traveling through big cities, never take a cab. In certain countries, they will even take advantage of you as a tourist and charge you extra. Always opt for walking or taking a public transport.

  1. Avoid paid tourist attractions

Like domestic cuisine, tourist attractions are something you will probably like to see. Unfortunately, they are one of the priciest things on the list. Furthermore, tourist hotspots are full of thieves and con artists. They will quickly take advantage of you. So, unless something is free or it has special meaning to you, you should try and avoid it.

With these simple tips, you will manage no matter where you go. The more money you save, the more you will see. It is a basic principle of backpacking which should be close to your heart.

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