Thinking of Travelling the World? Need to Sell Your House First? Consider A Quick House Sale!

The process of selling your home can be overwhelming and costly – especially if you need to sell your property fast. Therefore, before you set out to sell your house you need to find out the best channel through which to sell. Although most people prefer to sell on the open property market through estate agents, they can take up to 6 months, and if you are looking to start your journey sooner than that – you make want to look elsewhere to sell.

One alternative way to sell is selling to quick house sale companies.

How this works is that unlike selling through estate agents, quick house sale firms usually buy property on behalf of wealthy investors hence the will in most cases buy your house for cash.

What is more? These companies will buy your house regardless of its condition and the sale usually takes place within a short period usually seven days and the money is wired into your account.

However, you need to be careful when making your pick for a quick house sale company to sell your home to as there are a few companies that do not adhere to the regulations hence may want to take advantage of you. Make sure you fully understand the process of a quick house sale and look at the companies individual merits.

Ultimately, there are numerous reasons why you should choose quick house sale companies over estate agents or private listing. For instance, it could be that you have to relocate within a short period thus releasing equity from your home through the traditional channels is risky and likely not going to happen within the time you have.

You may also opt for a quick house sale because you are faced with divorce, you inherited the property but do not want to keep it and or your health or age is of concern hence you need finances to take care of yourself sooner.

However, not everyone is in these particular circumstances. Some people just want to unload the burden of a property so they can travel the world and enjoy the freedom that brings!

Here are some reasons why you should choose a quick house sale company:

  • You are guaranteed of a fast, speedy sale – This is the overriding advantage of the quick house sale over other selling on the property market. Generally, you will receive an offer, take time to review the terms as well as process and determine if it is what you are looking for.

Once you have agreed to the terms, the company through its solicitor begin to work on the paper work. This should take no more than 7 days and you will have money in your bank account. There are usually no hidden fees with this process.

  • It will not fall through–One of the challenges you may face when selling your house on the open property market is clients backing out at the last stages of the sale. This can be quite frustrating especially if your property has been on the market long enough. On the contrary, with a quick house sale, you can be sure to sell your property within a matter of days. The only challenge may be situations where the quick house sale company reviews their offer at the last minute. Even then, you can solve through the clearly spelled out mechanisms governing the industry.
  • You can stay in the property as a tenant – If you are selling your tiny houses out of necessity, and are finding it difficult walking away and starting life in another home, quick house sale companies give you the opportunity to sell the house to them. If need be, you can also rent it back so that you continue living in albeit as a tenant.
  • There is no estate agent fees – When selling your property through a quick house sale company, you are required to pay estate agent fees or even legal fees. Therefore, you can be sure to receive the sum that is due to you in full. Thus, you will definitely make significant savings when you sell your house to a quick house sale company.
  • The sale process is simple – The process of selling to a quick house sale company is quite simple as compared to the lengthy and complicated process associated with selling through the traditional channel of estate agents. In fact, with the quick house sale you know what you will get from the sale and when you will get it from the onset.
  • No buyer finance issues – The introduction of tighter lending criteria has continually made it harder for buyers to secure mortgage. As such, buyers who commit to buy your property may only find out much later into the sale process that they cannot borrow as such as they expected. On the other hand, cash buyers already have the cash that they release once all the processes have been concluded and the sale comes to a close.
  • You can sell properties that are hard to sell – There are properties that are hard to sell due to their location or even current state thus, buyers are not willing to take up the risks associated with the property. However, with quick house sale companies you can be sure to sell the property regardless of the state it is in and even the location.
  • It is less stressful –Selling property on the open property market can be quite stressful as you have to think about the marketing strategy, viewings and even how to make the house more appealing to buyers. However, with the quick house sale companies the hassle and stress involved in selling your house is taken from the equation because everything is upfront and there is not surprise.

Overall, selling your property through a quick house sale is much more beneficial than listing it on the property market if you want to sell fast to travel the world. Even then, you need to ensure that you carefully select the company that you wish to sell your house to by checking their credentials and ensure that they life up to their claims.

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