Survival Skills: How to Thrive in the Australian Bush

An Australian bush expedition is something everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. Heading out on such an adventure will bring you as close to nature as you can possibly be. It will also give you a far greater understanding of why the Land Down Under is largely considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Embarking on a bush expedition does come with its problems though. Even when you head out on one with a trained camp guide, you will face a number of dangers. Being prepared before your trip to Australia is essential. You should do everything you can to make sure you are ready for any outcome, whether this is researching the area you are visiting or attending one of the first aid courses in mississauga, or wherever is local to you. In order to survive and thrive in the bush, then, you need to take certain courses of action. Advice on what to do when you find yourself in the Australian bush can be found below.

Embrace star traveling

It might sound silly, but you should learn to travel by the stars if you really want to thrive in the Australian bush.

To navigate by the stars Down Under, you should:

  • Look for Crux, the Southern Cross
  • Draw a line through the long axis
  • Find Alpha Centauri, that being the closest star to the earth
  • Follow it to go west, go in the opposite direction to head east

If all of that seems a bit too much for you (which it will, if you’re not an experienced star traveler), then, fear not, as you can always use a GPS instead. To ensure that you bring the best possible mapping gadget with you when you head out into the bush, you should check out your best options – you can find reviews on the very latest GPS gadgets at Outdoor Wilds.

Bring a first aid kit

No matter how long you plan on spending in the bush, even if you only plan on having a quick walk through a section of it, you should take a first aid kit. This kit should be packed with all the basics, but that’s not all it should have. It should also have a few specific, bush-related pieces of equipment, such as snake and funnel-web bite bandages. Truly, when in the Ozzy bush, any number of venomous creatures can jump out at you, and it’s important that you carry protection against them all.

Stock up on wipes

You should bring a load of antibacterial wipes and baby wipes with you on your bush camping experience if you want to stay clean. These kinds of wipes will do the job when you haven’t got the time or the resources to have a full-on bath or shower.

This, in no way, means that you should sacrifice full cleans for wipe downs. If there are baths or showers made available on a campsite (or even underneath a waterfall), then they should be your first port of call. Wipes are just there for emergencies! Oh, and don’t just throw the wipes to the ground when you’re done with. Carry them until you come across a bin, even if that means carrying them for miles.

If you want to not only survive but thrive when you’re out in the Australian bush, you should take the above advice.