How to Run Home For Vacation

Every year, people clamor for the last hour of work to pass by as quickly as possible so they can hurry to their waiting vacation. Some run off to paradise on the beach. Some take a supersonic flight to the mountains of Sweden. Others explore a much more low-key option for a getaway. What would you say if there was a way not to have to pay for a hotel?

How about if we tell you there’s a way to escape the disturbances of maid service and resort neighbors or to avoid the stale donuts and cereal of the not so complimentary breakfast. Below are three tips for vacationing at home. It might be your best chance for a genuine getaway.

You Can Truly Run Away

One of the things we hear a lot of people ask is why they would want to stay at home when they are trying to get away from everything. Well, here’s one trick you might not have given a whole lot of thought to.

If your heart is set on traveling some distance, why not invest in a second home? Many families buy a second house with the intention of making it a vacation home. You can choose a city home surrounded by sights and sounds of excitement or a place in the remote countryside.

If you normally live in a warmer climate, try buying a house in a snow covered wonderland. Either way, with a second residence, you create an option for a vacation that leaves you in control of every aspect of your escape.

Your Own Bed

You hurry up and turn in the last papers due for the day. All deadlines are met and it’s time finally time to relax and take that long awaited vacation time. Where better to start than the comfort of your own bed?!

You don’t have to worry about whether or not the maid service actually brought you fresh sheets and you already know what that mystery stain on your comforter is from.

Should you want some intimate time with your significant other, there’s no needed to be coy. No immediate neighbors means no limits on the fun you can have.

The Setting Is Familiar

When you’re on vacation, you go with the belief that you are in for a fun and easy time full of relaxation and carefree decisions. However, if you are in an unknown city those carefree decisions fly out the window quickly when you discover you don’t even have a clue about where to go for dinner.

If you take your vacation time at home, you set yourself up for success. You know where the best places are to eat. You’ve been to them all. Finding a great place to hang out with your family is easy, because you frequent them on the weekends.

Even the venues that you’ve never been to but always wanted to visit are easier to get to, because you pass them on your way home every day. If you don’t, it’s more than likely that you have friends or family that do. On top of all that, if you run home for vacation, the bathroom is much simpler to find in the dark.

So, next time you think about escaping to a faraway land, consider the mystical, magical world of home.

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