On the Road Again: Maintaining Your Fitness Goals While Away

Going away on business is a necessity whether you’re working for a company or you’re owner of your own. But as many business travelers know, breaking a regular routine can lead to neglecting your fitness goals. So rather than have every business trip be a break from your workout, do the opposite and incorporate fitness into travel. Here’s how.

Pack One Pair of Shoes and Gym wear

Many business people make the mistake of forgetting sneakers or gym shoes when packing for a business trip, hence they have an excuse not to exercise (They can’t even walk around the city at that point!) Therefore, pack one pair of shoes and wear the other on the plane. Just be sure one of the two is for working out. It could also be a good idea to buy some high quality tracksuits that you can bring with you on your business trips so that you can attend the gym dressed appropriately. You’ll also need to choose a pair of formal shoes that go well with all of your business attire.

Take Care of the Immune System

Some find it an unfortunate coincidence to get sick or feel off when traveling for business but if you think about what a traveler’s immune system is up against, it doesn’t seem so coincidental. Air on a plane is extremely dry; long flights are sometimes accompanied by alcohol consumption; and, airline food is usually high in calories and deficient in nutrition. All of those conditions create a perfect storm in challenging the immune system.

Get to the Gym

If your chosen hotel does not have gym facilities, you could take advantage of ongoing promotions or free trials at gyms in the area. You don’t have to tell a representative that you’re only in town for a few days. Accept the free pass to workout and then be on your way. Get proactive and see if any gyms near the Marriott Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace are hosting initial free trials.

Don’t Miss Breakfast

Some readily accept breakfast as the most important meal of the day without thinking about why. It’s not that it’s the most important, for most need to eat at least three times per day to stay in good health. Breakfast is vital since it’s the first time you’re fueling or charging your body for the day ahead. You don’t drive your car until it’s running on fumes or stops completely before refueling, so why would you risk having your body’s energy get close to empty?

Stay in Your Room

Technically, you don’t need a gym or sneakers to exercise. It’s easy enough to get your heart rate going and work your muscles inside of your hotel room. One could do a yoga routine, push-ups, and other strength and balance training routines for an hour or so. In fact, being in a hotel room with limitations can open new doorways to creative and more challenging workouts.

Study the Area’s Eateries

There’s no reason to eat unhealthy on a business trip. Sure, it could be more convenient and fun for the taste buds to eat greasy food, but traveling is not the time to indulge in decadent delicacies. Rather than wait until you arrive, review eateries in the area and include meal locations and times within your itinerary.

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