Planning For The Worst Before You Travel

Sometimes the best defense we have against catastrophe is planning. Most of us don’t like to think about the many things that could go wrong while we’re on vacation, but planning for chaos may give you a powerful heads up, especially if you’re roaming with kids.

If you suffer from an unrelentlessly positive frame of mind, you can read through this article for help.  Here is a quick explanation of how you might plan for some of the worst-case scenarios before you travel, so you don’t find yourself playing out the day from hell on vacation.  

In the case of a car accident

If you’re driving along on a road trip and happen to get into a car accident, it’s helpful to know what to do.  Knowing what to do immediately after a car accident (especially if there are injuries in the accident) can not only save your life, but it could save the life of another.  

Knowing what to do in the case of a car accident can also save you money once the whole situation is sorted. You might also need to collect contact info for some of the emergency services that would come in handy while on the trip. For example, if you can get the numbers of the best auto accident attorney in your travel destination, that would be ideal. Read up on what your responsibilities are should you be involved in a car accident on your vacation.

If you happen to lose your wallet

When you’re traveling, it’s important not to put all of your proverbial eggs in one basket.  You shouldn’t put all of your money and identification in one place, just in case you lose or are robbed of your wallet/purse.  

If you are traveling abroad, you should leave copies of your identification in a safe place when you venture out.  If you find yourself without identification in a foreign country, find the nearest embassy.  

What to do if you lose your kid

If you’re out shopping while on vacation, it’s a known fact that your kids are probably going to try to run around.  Kids exploring could turn dangerous within a matter of seconds. Keeping a watchful eye can sometimes fail.

The important thing to do is to remain calm.  Report the missing child to the manager of the store in which you’re shopping.  In the U.S., the manager will immediately call for a Code Adam, and the employees will be directed to lock down the store.  

If you get a flat tire or run out of gas

Head out on a road trip could mean that you get a flat tire along the way.  If you don’t know how to change a flat tire, you need to learn before heading out on the road.  Otherwise, make sure you have a spare tire and a capable jack.

What to do if your flight is cancelled

First, stay cool.  Most airlines will automatically set you up on the next available flight fitting your destination.  Otherwise, you can contact customer service, check for available flights yourself, or express grievances to management.