My Life In A Few Words

9f0da27a4837200a5b3c3d2cad0040d3Hi there! My name is Annelie Mathisen, 25 years old and a passionate travel blogger. I solely write the articles in my blog called It means “Tasmanian Country.” You will know later why my blog is called that way.

I was born in my beloved home Norway. Two years ago, I moved and currently working here in Australia as a geologist. Yup, my full time work is someone who studies the solid and liquid matter that constitutes the Earth as well as the processes and history that have shaped it. This is actually my dream profession ever since I was a kid. Since I’m living here in Australia, hence the name of my blog. Australia is where you can find the aggressive but cute Tazmanian Devil.

I got hired by my employer to go to expeditions all around the Australian continent as well as to other countries. It may be fulfilling but as the time goes by, I’m missing my family and my home even more. My parents, Alexander and Anette Mathisen, and my two brothers, Eirik and Anders, are my treasures in life. Before I went to Australia, we always make sure to spend the weekends on the beach or at the mall and dine to different restaurants. Our family really loves to eat. Once I’m done with my expeditions, maybe within 5 years, I will get back to Norway and spend my days traveling and write for the blog.

My expeditions and travels compensate to the loneliness that I feel. Furthermore, I don’t have a boyfriend, so, that makes me a loner most of the time. Whenever I travel, I’m always fascinated with the uniqueness and authenticity of the different places that I go. And then there’s the local food, of course. It’s that feeling that you can’t believe you are there in that place which is alien to you. I’ve been to metro cities and also secluded areas. What I do to express my happiness, thoughts, and experiences of my travels is through the blog. I started it when I was still months living in Australia.

meeeeIn my travels, I take photos and video clips as what I call “printed memory.” Then, I observe the people, how they behave, greet tourists, what they cook and eat, and their attire. Basically I determine the culture and write about it. I also look after the buildings, houses and other infrastructure. Most of the time, I compare a particular place to my hometown to see how they differ. In short, the totality of the blog now becomes my imprint and expression of emotions and being care free.

After so many trips inside and outside Australia, my blog did not stop growing and have now become a financial source for me. Different people have already contacted me and asked if they could post advertisements on my website, which I accepted with arms wide open as I get paid from receiving these offers. Other writers partner with me and contribute articles to the blog regularly. Some even sponsor my trips as long as it will not coincide my geologic expeditions.

But the blog is never about the money. It is not what motivates everything that I do. It will always be about sharing my vast experiences in travel, leisure, and food, and share tips and ideas on how to have an awesome travel experience. My intention also is to give firsthand knowledge about a certain place so that readers will already have an idea on what to prepare and expect before going there. The blog will always be a hub of learning for all travel newbies and experts.