The Best Things To Do In Mexico

Many Americans choose to take a trip to Mexico because of its proximity and reasonable prices. It is a culturally rich country with a wide variety of geography from desert to mountains to beach. Plus there are so many great and luxurious accommodations to stay in such as Las Ventanas al Paraiso to ensure top-quality relaxation. In addition, not only is it full of activities and delicious foods it’s also incredibly beautiful.

If you are thinking about checking out Mexico for your vacation consider doing the following things when you set off on your adventure.

Eat Street Food

Make sure that you try one of the many stands on the street which offer street food. These dishes can range from fresh soups to tacos to grilled fish. Although some people fear that they may get sick from eating on the street, this isn’t always the case.

Checking online for recommendations is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and having to seek a doctor. Usually, websites and forums dedicated to traveling will have the best-reviewed places as well as recommendations of what to order when you go there.

Go To The Market

Mexico is known for its bright and colorful markets full of handmade jewelry, artwork, and fresh foods. Make sure that you check out the local markets in the city that you visit and you won’t regret it.

The markets are generally cheaper than stores in tourist areas and offer more original merchandise. Although they are usually happening every day usually the best markets are on Sunday mornings.

Make sure that you take up some lessons on bartering before going to the market. Sometimes tourists can fall victim to being overcharged or cheated on pricing so don’t be afraid to speak up and offer a lower price if you feel something is priced too high.

Hit The Beach

Mexico has a variety of beautiful beaches on every coast. Make sure to grab a map and look at which ones are closest to your destination. Usually, they can be accessed by bus or train, although renting a car is always the most convenient.

If you enjoy surfing make sure to check out Mexico’s Pacific coast which is famous for hosting international surf competitions and has millions of visitors each year. You don’t have to be a pro either. There are plenty of surf schools which introduce you to the sport which can be a great activity on your trip.

See A Show

Mexico has lots of indigenous culture throughout the country. Make sure that you check out a show displaying traditional dances and songs. Depending on where you are these shows can vary, however, all of them promise lots of exciting new sights to see and exposure into new cultures.

There are also plenty of mariachi shows and live dancing and singing. Usually, your hotel concierge can provide you with a brochure of what’s currently on.

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