Making Some Money So You Can Go Traveling!

If you’ve done much traveling, then you’re probably aware of how expensive it is. So before you plan your next vacation, you need to figure out how to get enough money to make the trip. That’s where you get to be a little bit creative!

How many ways can you think of offhand to get this extra cash? You can try gambling. Maybe you want to trick yourself into creating a savings account. Some people find passive income streams that work to help shore up their financial bottom lines. And the most creative people can even try to get funded through various means.

Working the Slots

It’s always risky, but there are rewards for gambling. For example, you can learn to play slot machines to try to get a profit. As long as you understand that there are always possibilities to lose, one good windfall doing various gambling activities, and you’ll immediately have enough money to go on that next vacation. You might even go on a trip to do some more gambling!

Tricking Yourself Into Saving

Another way to make money to save up for your next trip is to trick yourself into saving. There are several different known ways to get yourself into this habit. For example, you can create a separate savings account for a vacation, and automatically have some of your paychecks go into it every week or every month. Maybe you have a friend that consistently asks you for money so that he can put it away from you. The point is to figure out some psychological way that you can set money aside for your next journey, and you won’t feel like you are reducing your standard of living, but instead you’ll feel like you don’t have that money to work with that all until it shows up as enough for your vacation. Alternatively, try to save money on things that you want to buy. Instead of buying the clothes you want brand new, look to get them second hand. Or, perhaps search for promo codes and discounts for your favorite websites (continue on to a discount website) in order to save some money while still purchasing the items you want.

Find a Passive Income Stream that Works

You can look for passive income streams. There is an infinite number of options to get money from using the Internet or otherwise creating a way to have money that slowly trickles your way after you get an initial framework set up. Advertising money through AdWords is a favorite way. Then there are always ways to license your intellectual property for this work as well.

Try To Get Funded

For genuinely creative people, there is the crowdfunding method. If you have a good enough reason to want to go on a vacation and can present that case to the world at large, you can try to set up a way that people will fund your journey without expecting anything in return. Though the success stories are not all that common, when they do work, it really does produce some great narratives.

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