Best Things To Experience While Visiting Cabo San Lucas

Located at the most southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula sits the beautiful destination of Cabo San Lucas. A beloved tourist destination for young and old, the city offers a plethora of enriching activities to enjoy.

Cabo has no shortage of luxury in hotel accommodations, either which is great for people with a big budget. Some of the most luxurious hotels sit on the coast of the peninsula so if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, search ‘Luxury Hotel Brand in Cabo San Lucas‘. There is also no shortage of cozy and quaint hotels in which to hide away.

White sandy beaches, rhythmic lapping waves, and rows of endless shops make Cabo a top destination for the masses, but sunbathing is not the very best thing to do while visiting. Here are a few excellent ideas to keep the whole family busy.

Get your party on at Cabo Wabo

It is no secret that Cabo is a party destination. Spring breakers frequently populate the area’s most versatile bar. Cabo Wabo is owned by the great Sammy Hagar, and it features several different bars and stages.

Live music, featuring the sounds of Sammy resonates through the tavern. Hang with the crowd who seems to always feel the urge get wild, and share space with some of rock and roll’s most revered legends.

Take some time in nature at El Arco

For a bit of a slower, more natural, experience, try visiting El Arco (The Arch). El Arco is a spectacular rock formation off the coast of the Baja Peninsula. Hop aboard a panga (native boats that are sometimes glass bottomed), and go see the Three Friars.

El Arco is one piece of what makes up the Three Friars. The most special thing about the area is that one side of the rocks is the Pacific Ocean, and on the other side is the beginning of the Sea of Cortez. The area is well-preserved, and remains relatively untouched by civilization.

Water sports are the best in Cabo San Lucas

Surfing is one of the largest draws to Cabo San Lucas. Visiting Zippers, at Mile 17 on the Cabo Corridor, and wait for a south swell to paddle out. This is no stretch for beginners, so spectate if you do not know what you are doing.

Some of the world’s best snorkeling areas are in Cabo, too! Visit Cabo Pulmo National Park, and spend time with some of the most beautiful ocean life your eyes have ever seen. Get up close and personal with the protected coral reef.

Dine with true culture at Mi Casa

When you are this close to Mexico, there is no reason why you should deny yourself the joy of true Mexican cuisine. Cabo’s Mi Casa will suffice that need with real culture and flair.

The restaurant not only features the best Mexican food your taste buds have ever tasted, but there are also roving mariachi bands throughout the dining area. Visit Mi Casa on Cinco de Mayo for a menu of foods matching the colors of the Mexican Flag.

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