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Enjoy Your Vacation in the Beautiful City of Virginia Beach

If you want to experience the best vacation ever, then Travel to Virginia Beach USA would be your first stop. This place is considered as one of the top vacation destinations of the world and it deserves every single penny spent during your stay there. This gorgeous location is very much accessible


Vacationing in Carlsbad, CA

We are quickly closing in on the spring months. Temperatures are starting to rise little by little and the sun is slowly taking its time going to bed at the end of the day. Our spring fever is getting higher and higher as March gets closer and many of us have begun


4 Ways To Afford a Family Vacation

Taking a trip with your family is an expense that can be a big expense.  When you take into account the price of travel for multiple people it can start to make you wonder how you can possibly afford it.  However, taking a trip with your family doesn’t have to put you


India Knight: Swiss Alps or sun lounger?

Whether you’re hiking the Alps like Theresa May or sweating in the sun, there’s a simple holiday rule — do as you please What you choose to do with your summer holiday says a lot about you. I am rather taken with Theresa May going walking in the Alps, for instance, possibly


Pupils face a shorter summer holiday

A council has become the first in England to shorten its school summer break, cutting the long holiday to less than five weeks. Local authority schools in Barnsley, south Yorkshire, will stay open until the end of next month and have a two-week autumn half-term. The change has infuriated some head teachers,