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Survival Skills: How to Thrive in the Australian Bush

An Australian bush expedition is something everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. Heading out on such an adventure will bring you as close to nature as you can possibly be. It will also give you a far greater understanding of why the Land Down Under is largely considered to


US sends bombers as tensions rise in South China Sea

America is deploying long-range nuclear bombers to Australian airbases after Beijing reinforced its claim to virtually all of the South China Sea. There are fears that President Xi will restrict foreign ships and aircraft from using the vital waterway for global trade. Beijing is expanding and weaponising several tiny islands in an


Kylie’s ultimatum to Australia: pass gay marriage law or I stay unwed

Kylie Minogue and her British fiancé have postponed their wedding until Australia legalises same-sex marriage. The Australian singer — an idol to the gay community — had planned to tie the knot in Melbourne but will not do so until the law is changed, in solidarity with same-sex couples. Her fiancé, the