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3 Tips For Safely Adventuring Around A New City

If you haven’t traveled much, you might be a little uneasy or uncertain about the best way to get to know a new city while still feeling like you’re safe. Although it’s not the point of traveling to keep you securely inside your comfort zone, a lot of the joy of travel


3 Packing Tips For A Long Motorcycle Trip

If you’ve just recently gotten a motorcycle, or if you’ve never driven longer than a few hours, you might be a little nervous about your first long motorcycle trip. While it can be great to spend hours each day on your bike as you travel for days on end experiencing the world


How You Can Prepare for Financially Difficult Times

The fact is that you never know when you might fall on hard times financially, so it is important to prepare. By taking certain measures, you will be able to avoid having to take any drastic measures to just to get by. A majority of people are simply not prepared for an


4 Things To Do When Traveling Alone

Some people may be new to traveling alone when they’re accustomed to having a travel partner by their side. It’s a common misconception that people who are traveling alone have fewer options for activities to do.


Adults are giving up sports too soon for good health in later life

Fewer than a third of adults are doing enough physical activity to develop the muscle, balance and coordination needed to keep them healthy in later life, with many giving up sports in their 20s and 30s. New research by the University of Edinburgh has pinpointed the ages at which young adults are


Great days out this weekend

The Ugly Animals Roadshow Life Science Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne Find out about some of the world’s weirdest-looking, endangered animals at this one-off show hosted by the Channel 4 presenter Simon Watt, with scientific demonstrations and crowd participation. Saturday 2pm-3pm; adult £14, child £8; Polesden Lacey Food Festival Great Bookham, Surrey