5 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Los Angeles

So, you’re thinking about making a move to Los Angeles!  Hundreds of thousands of people have the same idea every year, so it’s crucial that you are prepared with everything that you need to know.

It all comes down to being ready to face the hustle bustle which will be awaiting you in the land of movie stars and corvettes.  Although you may be surprised that Los Angeles isn’t everything that you may think it is. Here are some o the most important things that you should know before you make your big move to the City of Angels.

You Will Need a Car

Unfortunately, Los Angeles is not like New York.  Forget about hopping on the subway or gingerly walking to your destination.  If you do walk, you’re going to have to forget about jay-walking because you’ll get fined in a flash, or worse, hit by a car.

Jaywalking tickets are common and given freely in these parts. It will cost you as much as $200 just for crossing the road when the light is red, so before you rush to your location by foot, you may seriously want to consider buying a car.  

Finding an Apartment Is Challenging

Like any cosmopolitan city, apartments go fast because of the demand.  However, Los Angeles is in an entirely different category. Some apartments go in a matter of seconds after being posted.  You want to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to find a place to live.

Getting off the plane and expecting to find the home of your dreams right away is about as likely as getting cast in Steven Spielberg movie.  Don’t rely on it!

Not Everyone Is An Actor

A lot of people are attracted to Los Angeles because of the Hollywood glamour associated with it.  However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that there are lots of other things going on in Los Angeles besides the film industry.

There is a lot of diversity in culture and activities.  This may be good news to you if the Hollywood scene isn’t your thing.

People Can Be Rude

Since the city is moving so quickly, many people don’t have time for chit-chat.  People can be cutting and often downright rude. Don’t take it personally! If you’re a naturally upbeat person, don’t change a thing about yourself.  Just don’t expect everyone in the street to reciprocate like a Broadway musical.

It’s Easy To Get Lost

In a city of almost four million people, it’s safe to say that it’s quite easy to get lost.  Between traffic and winding highways, you’ll probably find yourself desperately scanning your GPS to find out where you are in the beginning.