4 Things You Should Know About Moving To Europe

A lot of people want to immigrate to a new country to try a new way of life. The allure of changing their lifestyle and living in an entirely new culture can be enticing. Many Americans are seduced by Europe because of its beautiful old-world charm and historical architecture. There’s no doubt that living in a European country can be one of the most transformative and adventurous experiences that you can have. If you have had distant family members move to other areas of the world and you have lost contact, then you may want to find out where they started and see where they have ended up. Using such resources as Morning Call obits, for example, will help you get an idea of what happened to other family members that left after a death of a relative in America. This could then help you make your decision.

When you remain in your comfort zone your entire life without taking a moment to experience things outside of what you know, then you aren’t giving yourself as much room for growth. If you’ve been feeling the urge to move to Europe, then you should definitely go for it. Before, you sell your condo and pack your bags, however, here are some of the things that you should know first.

You May Need a Visa

Unless you have a parent who was born in Europe and has a European passport, you will need a special visa to live and work in Europe. Unfortunately, unless you have a very specific career, this can often prove to be challenging.

Many people want to move to Europe and live and work only to find that they just don’t qualify for the visa requirements unless they get married.

You’ll Miss Certain Foods

Europe has a lot of importation taxes, and therefore it can be challenging to find your favorite foods from home. If you do find them, they’re often astronomically expensive and taxed heavily.

Although you may dismiss this fact initially, convinced that you’ll be too romanced by authentic, fresh Italian pasta and creamy French sauces to care, however, you may feel differently after a few years.

There are certain comfort foods that people associate with their childhood and upbringing. After a while of not being able to have them, it can start to be frustrating.

Customer Service Isn’t The Same

Many Americans are accustomed to making a complaint and expecting a certain level of customer service. Since customer service is so culturally valued back at home, it can be a rude awakening to find that it’s not at all the same in Europe.

Not only can customer service representatives be less helpful, but they can even be downright rude.

You Should Learn The Language

Depending on where you’re trying to live, you should make sure that you know the basics of the language before you go. With a basic understanding, you’ll be able to work faster and feel more at ease in conversations.

Try to take a few classes or buy a book which has some everyday phrases in it. That way you’ll already have made progress before you arrive.

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