3 Tips For Safely Adventuring Around A New City

If you haven’t traveled much, you might be a little uneasy or uncertain about the best way to get to know a new city while still feeling like you’re safe. Although it’s not the point of traveling to keep you securely inside your comfort zone, a lot of the joy of travel disappears if you’re constantly worried about your own safety and if you’re going to be fine going to certain areas of a new city. So to help ensure that you don’t wind up in a situation that you’re unprepared to handle, here are three tips for safely adventuring around a new city.

Do Your Homework

Before you even get to your destination city, you can learn a lot about it and get a better handle on the area as a whole by doing a bit of homework. According to Rhiannon Edwards, a contributor to The Telegraph, it’s a good idea to research the places that you might want to visit while you’re exploring this new city and become more familiar with what else is around those areas and how you plan to get there. In these types of situations, knowledge truly is power. And the more you know before you get there, the more confident you’ll be in your ability to take care of yourself and see exactly what you’ve wanted.

Keep Your Phone Charged

When you’re out and about exploring this new city, it’s a wise idea to keep your phone on you and charged enough that you can use it if need be. According to Han Whit, a contributor to TravelDudes.org, you might even want to bring a portable phone charger with you so you can give your phone a little boost. In the event that you do get into a sticky situation or need your phone to contact someone or gain additional information about where you’re visiting, you’ll be glad that you have enough juice left in your battery for you to accomplish whatever you need.

Be Careful Around Tourist Traps

If you’re visiting an area that gets a lot of tourist, you’ve likely put some of the must-see attractions on your list of places to go or things to do. And while this might be the exact experience you’ve been looking for in this new city, Hana LaRock, a contributor to USA Today, warns that you should always be careful when spending time around “tourist traps”. While there will likely be a lot of people around to have you feeling like there’s safety in numbers, the locals will also be aware that the tourists in this area likely have money and valuables on them, creating more targets for things like muggings.

To help ensure you’re safe when visiting a new city, consider using the tips mentioned above to have a safe time exploring any area you choose to travel to.