3 Things To Do If You Suspect There’s A Drunk Driver Traveling On The Road Around You

While there is always a certain level of danger that you accept when traveling on the roadways all over the world, that danger becomes much more apparent if there’s a driver around you who might be under the influence. Whether that person has been drinking too much, indulging in drugs or other substances, or is simply not paying attention to the road, their behavior can put you and everyone else on the road in extreme danger of getting into a car accident or worse, which would mean a lawsuit, and judging on the dui attorneys in Springfield Illinois for example, these offenders may get away with a lesser penalty. So to help you know how to face this less than ideal situation, here are three things you should do if you suspect there’s a drunk driver traveling on the road around you.

Know How To Spot The Signs

When someone’s distracted or under the influence while driving, they’ll generally exhibit certain types of behaviors that will make their state obvious to you. According to SafeWise.com, some of the most common things that drunk drivers will do will include things like swerving, changing their speed drastically, driving between lanes or in the wrong lane, not responding to traffic lights or signals, and other inappropriate road behavior. If you notice someone around you acting in such a way, there’s a chance that the person driving this car could be a drunk driver.

Call The Authorities

As soon as you suspect that someone on the road around you could be driving while intoxicated, the very first thing you should do is call the police. Once you dial 911, DriveSafeRideSafe.com shares that you should give the dispatcher as much information about the car and driver as you can. Let them know exactly where you are and where the suspected drunk driver is. Also, if you can get the license plate information or at least the make, model, and color of the car, it will make it much easier for a police officer to find the driver. Just make sure that you’re not putting yourself or others in danger to make this call or get any information about the car you’re watching.

Increase Your Following Distance

After you’ve noticed that a car around you is driving erratically, whether you believe they’re drunk driving or not, Driving-Tests.org advises that you increase your following distance between yourself and the other driver. In the event that something bad does happen as a result of the person drinking and driving, you want to give yourself as much distance and time to react to the scenario ahead of you.

To help you recognize if you’re in an unsafe situation while on your next road trip, consider using the tips mentioned above to determine if a driver around you may be a drunk driver and act appropriately.