10 Steps To Become A Travel Blogger


When I was still starting this blog, I have certainly aspired to become a popular travel blogger like Adventurous Kate, Nomadic Matt and Travel D. Not just me, I believe others do to. That’s why the number of travel bloggers out there has been rapidly increasing since the last decade. Needless to say, but who can resist the thought of quitting their job in a cubicle to go and see the world, whilst getting paid?

Before you get consumed by the dream of a laid-back and glamorous lifestyle, it is important to understand that it is not always easy being a travel blogger. It’s not all fun and staying in fancy places such as this hotel warrnambool has to offer, or road tripping around the Great Ocean Road. It can be a challenge to make a living, although no one can deny that it is an incredible career. Putting posts up is not going to result in money falling like rain. You have to work for it. You have to be persistent. Unless you hit the Internet “viral” lottery, you should set in your mind that you wait for at least a year to gain minimal success.

So, for you to begin your journey as a travel blogger, here are the 10 steps for you:

  1. SPEND MORE TIME IN READING – Building up a blog is like building up a business, and if you don’t go to “school” and constantly learn, you arere going to fall way behind. Every successful person I know is a hardcore reader. They constantly try to improve their skills and knowledge. You should not stop learning.
  2. SETUP YOUR NICHE – As what most bloggers do, they could write general posts about any destination in the world. However, as the competition for travel blogging increases, it is important to understand your direction, or niche. Consider focussing on a particular topic or a specific location. By being focussed, it is possible to become an authority in the area over time.
  3. IDENTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE – When you identify your audience, you can start to focus all of your energy on reaching those target people, through the way you design your blog, right through to your written tone of voice.
  4. CREATE YOUR BLOG – As the number of bloggers all over the world increases, it is important that yours stands out. Think of a good name that will catch people’s attention. Then, know the platform to where you design your blog. There are lots of options but sites such as WordPress are popular and make it easy to get started.
  5. THINK DIFFERENT – Whatever you are going to write about, try to present that subject in a way that hasn’t been done before. Be creative on how you write it. You can always have a different direction when you write a piece as long as it is still consistent to your overall tone.
  6. INVEST IN YOUR BLOG – Businesses invest in themselves and you need to do the same. It can be easy for me to say now since I have already grown my viewership. But even when you are still starting, spending a little bit of money can go a long way.
  7. GET FIRED UP – Becoming a travel blogger is much more than just a career choice. It is a whole lifestyle change. Therefore, it is important that you are passionate about what you do. If not, it will be obvious in your writing. And if you don’t love traveling and writing, then you readers will not love your work.
  8. GENERATE INCOME – Businesses sell something and so should you. Whether it’s a course, a book, t-shirts, tours, or just other people’s products via affiliate marketing, give your audience an opportunity to support your website. You can also offer companies to post ads on your website.
  9. JUMP TO SOCIAL MEDIA – Build your following. Three words yet the hardest step of blogging and admittedly the step that separates the bloggers that go on to become widely recognized and the ones that remain in the shadows. When it comes to social media, remember that it is better to engage with your readers instead of just speaking at them. This is how you retain loyal viewers and readers. If you do use social media then you may potentially want to consider internet plans such as starlink internet plans or a new provider, that may be able to keep up with the consistent internet usage your new lifestyle will demand.
  10. LESSEN ARTICLES ABOUT YOURSELF – Whether that is by providing practical advice, telling your readers a good story, remember that it is all about how you can be in service to them. Far too many travel blogs are a glorified personal diary but the most successful ones tell stories of places and better their reader’s travel experience.

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